Sunday, April 3, 2011

8 Weeks

It's been a while but we have been busy.
Emabelle is growing every day. She is so fun and we love having her in our life and watching her grow.  She is a very smiley happy baby. She likes to have her feet tickled and doesn't like to be restricted.  Her hands cannot be covered...ever.  She LOVES bath time and is fascinated by the sounds she can make by kicking the side of the tub.  We graduated from sink bathing to tub bathing a couple weeks ago.  She excels at diaper blowouts.  Wade wanted me to take a picture of the onesie I recently cut her out of and threw away... It was a 0-3 month white onesie and it was now a yellow/brown color... front and back and it was one of the last days she was able to wear 0-3 month clothes so it was tight and there was no way it was coming over her head without smearing it all over and so it was sacrificed.  Wade said there should be pictures for posterity but....No,  there are some things posterity just shouldn't know.  She can be a cuddler but dose like her space and so is perfectly content and sometimes demands on just being set down. 

She went to the Dr. this week and is now 24 inches long and 12lbs and 11oz.

When she cuddles she likes to sleep on her hands

Daddy can I have a cookie?

That is not a Backers cookie!
Wade is a bad influence but he loves her to pieces.
Me, Tucker, Megan and Emabelle
 A couple weeks ago we visited my cousin April in Holden and met my mom and my Sister-in-law Megan and nephew Tucker. We had a lot of fun it had been a while since I had seen my cousin.  It was fun to visit with her for a while.
Hanging out with mom.
Riding horses with Grandpa

Trying it out alone....with a little help from Dad

We went horseback riding in Delta as well... It was really funny because about a second after I took this picture the Horse decided to shake off... Emabelle made like a baby turtle and sucked her legs and arms and head all into a ball. It scared her a bit and the trainer laughed and told us we would never be able to get her on a horse now.  She was tough though and got right back on.

 She loves her bug mobile... I made this after looking for a cute ladybug mobile and only finding ones that cost $50 or more.
It turned out pretty cute and Emabelle loves it.  She loves to just lay there and talk to her bug friends.

 She is so cute and such a good sleeper.... It's funny some of the things she does when she is asleep.
All spread out
So cute

At Work
I Made this sling for her so I could hold her and work it almost always puts her right to sleep.  We did start going back to work a few weeks ago.  She is very good and generally sleeps the whole time we are there.
Emabelle and McKenzie
 McKenzie is my cousins new little girl, She is exactly 7 weeks younger than Emabelle.  We went and visited her in the hospital the day she was born.
Emma, Chelsea, Emabelle, Me
Chelsea is one of my very good friends. We were companions in the MTC and went to the same mission.  We also came home together,  We got married about a month apart and got pregnant a couple weeks apart but Emabelle came late and Emma came early so they ended up being born about 16 hours apart.  We hadn't asked or talked about names at all with each other so we thought it was pretty funny when we found out that we had named our daughters almost the same name.  And even though Emma only weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20 inches long.  Emabelle was 9lbs10 oz and 20.5 inches long...Now Emma and Emabelle weigh about the same but Emma is a bit longer.  Kind of crazy.
 I know this will come as a surprise to some people but I'm actually enjoying putting little bows in her hair.