Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Time for the yearly update of the Panguitch adventures. This will be short due to the fact that I should be sleeping and I didn't take very many pictures. ;)
I only have evidence of a few events...

My Sister-in-law Megan, My nephew Tucker and Wade exploring Mammoth Caves.
April and Jen (my Cousins) and April's son Jake          
Escaping from caves
My turn first   
Then Wade's

Wade and my Uncle Shay trying to shake 5 golf balls out of cereal boxes tied to their bums.

Yes that is 2 golf balls balanced on top of each other Good job Megs

The Parade
The beauty of this one is that Wade took it and we had 50 family members that were there that could have taken it for us.

Sadly that is it for the camping adventure....

It's funny because when we got home I was so frustrated with my hair I did something drastic.  It was so hard to take care of when I was camping...

When I got home it went from this...

Sorry Dad ;)

I cut my hair off like this just before my mission accept it was about 3 inches shorter.  My mom was supposed to send it in to Locks of Love but never did.  I did some checking and found out that she had stored it properly and they would still take it.  That ponytail cut off 5 years ago is 13 inches long the one I cut off last week is 14 inches long.... 27 inches of hair is headed off to give a child some hair.... No greater cause.
They are the same color now that the new one is dry.