Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I was going to write about the "Fall Hollidays" or something until I realised that I didn't take any pictures of Thanksgiving  So we are just going way back to Halloween and skipping Thanksgiving entirely.  Thanksgiving turned out to be really weird this year anyway.  Weirder than when I was on a mission in a country other than this one which of course doesn't celebrated Thanksgiving.
Anyway here is our Ladybug

She is just cute as a bug!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summer Adventures

(Warning tons of pictures and really long blog ahead as well as an abundance of summer crazyness;)
Work is over let the summer vacation begin

With a nap.  First thin we did after closing the bakery for our summer break.  Aren't they cute?!?!

On the 4th of July we went to the zoo

She is excited I promise ;)

We saw elephants including baby Zuri

It was the first time I had ever seen a Wolf at the zoo.

How do we measure up?

Monkey family

 He isn't going to eat you
 Taking a dinosaur ride at the zoo with the whole fam.

Our cute fam ;)

Then we went to Delta
 For horseback riding
 And the Backer family reunion which Emabelle mostly slept through.
Trying out Grandpas new hat.

Then some shenanigans at home
The Dorito Mermaid

 We went to the parade of homes and saw the up House
 It was very detailed

 Then it was off to Panguitch

 We saw some things we hadn't before... Not even at the zoo.

 Hung out in cousin Sophies Buzz Lightyear chair. She was very nice to share
 Daddy got a milkshake and Em got the cup

 First trip through the cave. 
 How do we do this again?
Oh yes I remember...OW

 hangin out one leg warmer on one leg warmer off.

 With cousin Parker.... That's my trailer in the background.
 Time to go home.... So tired. Vacation started and ended with a nap.

 But summer didn't end there.
Grandpa bought an Argo.  This six wheeler duly named the TANK and we took it camping a few times this summer.  Emabelle fell right to sleep on her ride.
We went to Sopestone with my mom and Shay and Emily and Merret and Mindy a few times...Sadly I appear to have taken a camera vacation this summer so I don't have all of the adventures on camera.

At work Em and Luke have been able to spend more time together.

 Playing and Napping
Look Mommy Just my size

I get to take Luke and Emabelle on walks often we go to the temple.
 We started eating foods this summer, Carrots are our fave!
We went to St. George to see my cousin Willy leave on a mission and to see My other cousin bless her baby Katie.  This is Emabelle and Katie hanging out naked cause it's hot in St. George.

In September,  I know hardly summer but still, We had the Bolin family reunion complete with............

a mechanical bull
 My brother Gary and His boy Tucker
 My Brother Nate
That's more like it
My cousin Morgan
 Yup that's me I even made it longer than 8 seconds
 Nate again he's actually taking a backward track as this pic is being taken.

 Cousin Parker on the Bull
There was even a trackless train
 and we got to ride it

 Uncle Merret taking a turn

 And then we got Uncle Shaye up there

 and off as well
 Wade and Em on the Giant slide.
 My man on the bull
 My brother falling off.
 My other brother showing off.
"Look mom no hands"

 Tucker went Rock Climbing

 We had tons of fun at the party there was also karaoke and a photo booth. Good times had by all.

 Then to kick off fall we went to Monticello to visit my grandparents during the deer hunt.  I didn't go hunting this year but we went for a visit anyway.
 We went to Foy lake and took some pictures.

We love visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Schaugaard